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Chabad of Centrepointe provides a joyous opportunity for Jews of diverse backgrounds to come together for prayer, spirituality and community in a warm and enriching environment.

Our services are inspirational, educational and easy to follow. Everything is explained in English and customized to fit your needs and give you the best experience possible. Our services are not too long and not too short. Many of the prayers are explained and the rabbi sprinkles stories, jokes, anecdotes and lots of surprises to keep you interested. Our goal is for you come out of the experience inspired and excited to start a new year. A Special Children's Program with fantastic teachers will teach your children songs and games for the holiday. Located right in the heart of Centrepointe, at 261 Centrepointe Drive.


Our Chabad Centre has an open door policy. We invite you to take part in the prayer whether you are able to formally join as a member, or are here just to try it out. Be a part of a holiday service. Hear the shofar. Join for an inspiring service on Yom Kippur. If someone is not well, let us know, we will try and visit their home to blow the shofar for them.

Email us today or fill out the forms below. Alternatively you can fill out this printable membership form and mail to our office.

We wish you a sweet and happy New Year and We hope you enjoy your experience.



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Rosh Hashanah Eve. - Wed. September 20 

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 -
Thurs. September 21
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 - Fri. September 22 Yom Kippur
September 29/30
Children's Service

Children's Service

      Neilah Service
      Break Fast


To Join as a Member of the Chabad of Centrepointe community:

 Gold Membership $1,000

 Family Membership $600

 Single Parent $360

 Single $360

 Student $180

 Associate Membership $180

To ONLY join for uplifting and inspiring High Holiday services:

 Family $250

 Adult $150

 Child $50 

All fees can be paid in 12 months installments.

*All membership, seats, and donations will receive a Tax receipt.

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.


Please contact Rabbi Mendelsohn confidentially at 613-218-8505 or Rabbi@sympatico.ca


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Help Chabad bring more light to the community by sponsoring a Machzor, Dinner or Program.



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(Cheques can be mailed to Chabad of Centrepointe 23 Palisade St., Ottawa, Ontario K2G 5M6)


We look forward to a wonderful Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur with you!